A Bullion Van Looses N215 million Cash On Its Way To The Bank After One Of The Door Mistakenly Opens

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It was indeed a surprise dramatic scene that has never occurred for decades in the United States Of America, as a bullion van that was transporting money to the bank has its door mistakenly opens up and looses N215M before the driver could notice it’s door was opened.

It was reported that this occurred in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA with approximately N215 million ($600,000) being lost before a public driver could alert the bullion van driver that one of its door was opened, before he could stop the truck and fix the door that has been opened for a while since the transportation of the money to the bank has since begun has already lost N215M in the process.

The driver learned of this incident when another driver alerted him that it’s van door it’s open and he looked via the side mirror of its van and found out that money where all over the streets and immediately stopped the van and called Indiana police department that rushed to the scene trying to recover some of the money from the commuters.

Indeed it was a tragedy scene scene of event for the bullion van that was transporting money to a bank with the name not yet disclosed to us as report stated, indeed it was also a comedy scene for some of the commuter benefactors that was able to lay their hands on certain amounts of money out of the N215M that was loss in the incident.

It was also stated in in report that the truck was travelling in inter state 70, bags an bundle of cash money and loose bill came showering at the door of the bullion van.

Eye witnessed also stated that taxi drivers and commercial drivers were also spotted and seen stopping their cars and lorries to help their self with possible amounts they could lay their hands on and also commuters were also seen fleeing their homes to rush down to the scene to also pick and collect from much money they can afford to.

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