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NIS Recruitment 2018/2019 We bring to all interested candidates out there that have been waiting for this recruitment to go official online, but though it has not commenced or started yet, but we are here to always do what we know how to do best by providing the public recruitment requirements prior to the recruitment commencement.

NIS Recruitment 2018/2019  Has not yet started and it’s registration portal has not gone activated online for registration to take place from various parts of the country, but we bring you the recruitment requirements to get you all ready in no time prior to the commencement of the recruitment and a date has not also been set for the Nigerian immigration service to take place yet.

If you are interested in this gifted recruitment exercise titled as Nigerian Immigration Service 2018/2019 then you are advised to continue reading this article till you understand and know what it’s requirements are all about.

All interested candidate that wishes to partake in this recruitment exercise should be advised to read this requirements below.

1. All applicants must posses a Nigeria citizenship, must be a citizen by birth.

2. All interested candidates must also meet the required and mandated
Certificates and qualification.

3. Applicants must disengage from any secret society such as secret cult or other related crimes, if found in one of this, then the candidate become ineligible for its recruitment exercise.

4. Financial debt and money owed should be cleared so as making you free from financial embarrassment, as this may lead to candidates also being ineligible.

5. 18-30 years of age is the age limit that has been set for all its interested candidates across the country and state that wished to apply.

6. Applicants height must not be less than 1.65m for
males and 1.60m for females.

7. For men a chest measurement of not less than 0.87m is required.

8. Computer experience will be a major addition as this gives candidates a upper hand for the job opportunity.

9.applicants that posses any of this deformities that will be listed below will be an ineligible candidate to partake in its recruitment exercise.

Impediment in speech (stammerer/ dumb),
2. Gross malformation of teeth,
3. Knocked knees,
4. Bent knees,
5. Bow legs,
6. K-legs,
7. Flat foot,
8. Limb legs,
9. Bent arms/ deformed hands /fracture,
10. Defective eye sight (squint-eye, crossed eye,
one-eyed and total blindness),
11. Amputation of any part of physical body,
12. Hearing impaired (deaf),
13. Hunched back,
14. Obesity,
15. Pregnancy,
16. Medical challenges and any other physical
deformity not mentioned.

NIS Recruitment 2018/2019 Positions Available

1. SUPERINTENDENT CADRE: Assistant Superintendent of
Immigration II (ASI”)

2.INSPECTORATE CADRE: Senior Inspector of
Immigration (SII)

3. Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)

NIS Recruitment 2018/2019 – How To Apply

1. All interested and qualified candidates are advised to visit the Nigerian Immigration Service official portal

2. A valid mail address is required when registering.

3. A link will be sent to your mail address that you used when registering, then you are to click on the link sent to you to confirm ownership.

4. After you have click on the link sent to you, then you are to login your profile to complete your registration which happens to be free of charge with no expenses incurred.

Use the comment box for assistance and question regarding this recruitment exercise, your satisfaction is our goal and responsibility.

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