A Mans Manh**d Cut Off After Being Caught Sleeping With A Married Woman- See Photos Here

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A video has gone viral on net, the video shows a man’s manh**d cut off after being caught sleeping with a married woman, the said man was caught by the husband of the woman with whom the victim of the incidence was having an affair with.



It was reported that the angry husband cut off the man’s manh**d he caught sleeping with his wife, after the man’s has caught them in the act.

The man was stripped with blood gushing out of his mutilated manh**d, there by attracting people and passerby to come take pictures of the man whose manh**d has been cut off.

Picture shows blood gushing and pumping out of the mutilated mmanh**d as neighbours and passerby takes turns to snap and take pictures of the incidence.

The location and event of the incidence was not disclosed,as the person who uploaded the video on air did not state the place, state of this certain occurrence.

Viewers on Internet have come out to slam the activity carried out by the husband thereby branding it wickedness and inhuman and has got no heart at all, some people also went ahead to commend d man on a job well done thereby also reminding other people that engage on such act to stop and avoid being a victim of similar case.

The question now is what will happened to the man’s wife, will she go Scott free or also be punished the same way her lover was punished.

At advice justice should not be taken at an unpleasant way and method, therefore allow justice to be serve and interpreted in d right way and manner

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