13 Year Old School Boy Shot Dead In Ondo By Soldier Stray Bullet

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Report stated that a 13 year old school boy has been shot dead in Ondo state by a soldier maintaining peace in the community.

The deceased name goes by Umar Saliu was a student and pupil of Community Primary School, Ajowa, in Akoko North-West Local Government Area of Ondo State.

The deceased father stated after news men confronted him, he said that his son was coming back from school when the bullet hit him and died at the instant spot were the bullet struck him.

After the incident tension aroused in the community and so many people was in tense mood, this attracted the attention of the government to send some of its military officials to calm the situation down.

State governors Adviser on Security Matters, Alhaji Jimoh Dojumo, and the SSA on Hausa/Fulani Affairs, have visited both the community and family of the deceased boy to appeal for calm.

Army commandant stated in a report that there was no intention to kill or shoot anybody, stated by Commandant Army Artillery Akure, Lt. Col Ejiga.

Ejiga also stressed out to explain and make the people to understand the role at which the soldiers plays when maintaining peace and order in the troubled community, he also apologised on the behalf of the Nigeria army.

The incident occurred when fulani people attacked members of the army that were in the community to maintain peace and order,he also said that the soldier opened fire on the deceased as a self defence, this was stated by the Assistant Director, Army Public Relations, Major Ojo Adelegan.

He also stated that information got to army base that trouble had aroused in the community which in turn made them send their army troops on getting to the community to know what the case may be, that was when the fulani men attacked the soldiers that was sent to maintain peace stated Major Ojo Adelegan.

Dangerous arms and weapons were used to attack our men, so in self defence, this is when one of the soldier opened fire as a self defence, though we are still investigating the issue, he stated Major Ojo Adelegan.

The police command in the state released a report that they have made an arrest of one Adamu Kai in connection to the incident.

It was stated that it was Adamu Kai that invited the soldiers to settle the dispute and quarrel that has aroused in the community, this was stated in a report by command’s image-maker, Femi Joseph.

He also said, that a conclusion has not yet been made if truly it was a soldier that killed the boy. But there was a fight between two Fulani men. So this in turn led Adamu Kai to call the intervention of the army.

He also stressed out that it was on the course of settling the dispute between the both Fulani’s in the community that led to the soldier opening fire as a self defence, he also said that Adamu Kai is with us and investigation has started.

The deceased corpse have been released to the parents for burial. This was stated by state police command

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