NACA Recruitment 2018 Form Is Out – How To Apply For The National Agency for the Control of AIDS

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NACA Recruitment 2018 form is out. Applicants and interested candidates that wish to participate in this year’s NACA recruitment 2018 should read up the recruitment requirements listed here.

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NACA recruitment 2018 is set to start seeking applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates or applicants from all over the states and country.

Every applicants and interested candidates that wish to participate for this year’s NACA recruitment 2018 should read this article properly. If applicants and candidates understands what we have in stock for them, then they all stand a chance to have a successful applications in the upcoming NACA recruitment 2018.

Beware that this page and article is for applicants and interested candidates from all over the country that wish to take part in the upcoming recruitment exercise that is still very much on hold for a reason that is still yet to be known.

We are also using this medium to plead to the public and to all applicants and candidates that this year’s NACA recruitment 2018 has not started yet.

Some calls have been coming to us and some messages have also been buzzing in lately regarding the NACA recruitment 2018. We plead to all applicants and candidates that a false news and rumour regarding the fact that the NACA recruitment 2018 has began.

We wish to use this medium and opportunity to alert you all that the news that have it and says that the NACA recruitment 2018 has started is totally false.

NACA recruitment 2018 has not started as of the date of the publication of this article. Applicants and candidates that are interested for the recruitment exercise should disregard any of the information that says otherwise.

ABOUT National Agency For The Control Of Aids

The National Agency for the Control of AIDS (formerly National Action Committee on AIDS) was established in February 2000 to coordinate the various activities of HIV/AIDS in the country. Among other purposes, NACA’s mandates are to:

Functions Of National Agency For The Control Of Aids In Nigeria

1. Coordinate and sustain advocacy by all sectors and at all levels for HIV/AIDS/STDs Expanded Responses in Nigeria;

2. Develop the framework for collaboration and support from
all stakeholders for a multi sectoral and multi-disciplinary
response to HIV/AIDS in Nigeria;

3. Develop and present to the Presidential Council on AIDS, PCA, all plans on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria for policy decisions;

4. Develop and articulate a strategic plan for an Expanded National Response to HIV/AIDS in Nigeria;

5. Coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Strategic National Plan for the control of HIV/AIDS/STDS in Nigeria and all other approved policies;

6. Coordinate and facilitate the mobilisation of resources for an effective and sustainable response to HIV/AIDS/STDs in Nigeria, and

7. Undertake any other duties as assigned by the PCA from time to time.

Applicants and interested candidates that wish to apply for recruitment exercise have the right to know about the NACA establishment and it’s purpose for operation in the country.

NACA Recruitment 2018 Requirements

Below are some of the basic and essentials requirements that applicants and candidates needs to be worry of and ascertain to be an eligible candidates or applicants.

Candidates and applicants should also note that there might be a change in the requirements that is about to be listed here. In the sense that if the recruitment exercise commences fully, additional requirements may be included.
Bur if that happens we will be there to update you all as soon as possible. That is why, Applicants should always crawl back to this site and article to see latest update on job recruitment and requirements.

1. Applicants must be a Nigerian by nationality.

2. Applicants must also posses a valid means of identification eg drivers license, national identity card and voters card.

3. Applicants should ensure and make sure they are free from financial debt embarrassment.

4. Minimum of B.Sc Degree or H.N.D from a reputable institution.

5. Minimum of Second Class Lower Division from any discipline.

6. Must not be more than 30 years old – i.e. 27 years Less than 30 years.

7. Applicant must have Excellent Communication skills

NACA Recruitment 2018 – HOW TO Apply

Interested candidates and applicants can apply via the NACA recruitment 2018 official recruitment portal. Applicants can apply here at

NACA Recruitment 2018 Closing And Opening Date

Naca recruitment 2018 closing date and opening date has not been set yet, due to the fact that the recruitment exercise has not started yet.

NOTE: Applicants and candidates are to disregard any info that says and has it that the NACA Recruitment 2018 has started. People are now using this means to scam applicants and candidates online.

For update on this article, inbox us and let’s hear and know your thoghts on this.

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