ITF Recruitment 2018 Form is Out- Industrial Training Fund Recruitment 2018- Apply Now via

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ITF Recruitment 2018 Form is Out- Industrial Training Fund Recruitment 2018- Apply Now via

Candidates and interested applicants that thinks because they are unskilled to get employed and even run their own business, should relax as the ITF recruitment 2018 will enable you all get well trained and skilled in different ways you can’t basically think of.

Some may know it as ITF recruitment 2018 and while some will also know it has Industrial Training Fund 2018. They are same thing no matter how it may seems.

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ITF recruitment 2018 is basically brought to the attention of all applicants and candidates that is interested in become a skilled personnel so as to go on to establish his/her own business or also use its skills ascertain during the program to help and assist and work well in a given organisation or establishment.

Before we go into more details on what the fucntion and purpose of the establishment of the ITF in Nigeria. We are using this medium to announce to all applicants and candidates that the ITF recruitment 2018 has not started.

ITF recruitment 2018 will not be commencing soon or anytime sooner. This was brought to our notice after we received various calls and text messages regarding this recruitment exercise. We confirmed and affirmed that the ITF recruitment 2018 has not started. Interested applicants and candidates should be able to disregard any certain or given info that says otherwise.

Applicants and interested candidates that have always wished to become a part and parcel of this recruitment exercise should read this article properly, so as to understand all that were shared here at this point in time.

Applicants should also note that here at, we don’t have the right to recruit applicants and candidates here. We also will not ask applicants for money for recruitment details. Our set goals and obligation stands that applicants and candidates have a swift recruiting exercise and gets his/her hand on one of the job recruitment posted on this site.


Established in 1971, the Industrial Training Fund has operated consistently and painstakingly within the context of its enabling laws Decree 47 of 1971 as Amended in the 2011 ITF ACT . The objective for which the Fund was established has been pursued vigorously and efficacy. In the four decades of its existence, the ITF has not only raised training consciousness in the economy, but has also helped in generating a corps of skilled indigenous manpower which has been manning and managing various sectors of the national economy.

Over the years, pursuing to its statutory responsibility, the ITF has expanded its structures, developed training programmes, reviewed its strategies, operations and services in order to meet the expanding, and changing demands for skilled manpower in the economy. Beginning as a Parastatal “B” in 1971, headed by a Director, the ITF became a Parastatal “A” in 1981, with a Director-General as the Chief Executive under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry. The Fund has a 13 member Governing Council and operates with 10 Departments and 3 Units at the Headquarters, 33 Area Offices, 3 Skills Training Centers, and a Center for Industrial Training Excellence.

ITF Recruitment 2018 .The above was brought to all applicants and candidates that is interested on becoming a part of this recruitment exercise. The purpose about the fact of ITF is basically for a swift understanding for all applicants and candidates to really know what the training program is all about.

Applicants and candidates should also note that at this point in time and date of the publication of this article, that the ITF recruitment 2018 has not commenced. Applicants can also check for themselves via

ITF Recruitment 2018- HOW TO APPLY

Applicants that wish to apply for this recruitment exercise should kindly it’s recruitment official portal. Applicants can click here to apply

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